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What Is Truth Or Dare?

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What Is Truth Or Dare?

Truth or Dare is a classic party game played by all ages and backgrounds. The premise of the game is for a group of people to take turns either answering a "truth" question, or performing a "dare." Truth or dare is popular because it gives people an excuse to ask crazy questions or act silly while getting to know others. Games can range from funny to serious, from intimate to wild. The choice is up to you!

To play Truth or Dare, you simply need a group of people with an established order of turns. Usually it is helpful to sit in a circle, so that turn order is easy to follow. When the group is ready, a person is selected to start and ask a player the first "Truth or Dare." This is done by picking a player (sometimes by choice, sometimes by random) and asking them "truth or dare?" The player receiving a question, which is made-up by the asker. If they refuse to answer the question, they must perform a dare, which is also make up by the asker. If the player refuses to perform the dare, they pay some sort of penalty.

The key to a good game of truth or dare is in the availability of good truth questions, fun dares, and a like minded group of people who are uninhibited and ready to have a great time. When everyone is honest, and the questions and dares are comfortable with all of the players, truth or dare can be loads of fun!

One of the problems with traditional truth or dare is coming up with the questions, or making creative dares. Eventually people run out of ideas, or a few individuals begin providing topics or stunts that the rest of the group is not interested in. Another problem is that the game can become slow while large groups are waiting for turns. For these reasons and more, we created Truth or Dare Online!

How To Use Truth Or Dare Online (TORDOL)

Truth or Dare Online, or TORDOL for short, is not a replacement for truth or dare-- it is a tool to make you games easier to play and MUCH more fun!

This site is not so much a game as it is a resource, an archive of the best questions and the wildest dares compiled from people just like you! You can use it to play many different games, ranging from classic truth or dare to online versions, or even drinking games! You are free to use this site as we suggest below, or make up your own rules. We've included our favorite rule sets, but if you have a fun way of using this site, let us know and we'll it with others!

(We've also included some surprises to keep you games interesting!)

How To Use This Site

To begin your game follow the simple instructions below:

Get a party. Then connect to TORDOL.

Click on the Preferences button. You will be automatically directed here if you forget.


Enter a "Party Name" for your group. This is your team's identifier while you play online.
Indicate if you want questions / dares for all female, mixed male and female, or all male groups. This will limit the types of questions and dares you receive. In most cases, M&F will provide the most general questions. All female and male are provided for special cases, but you can certainly pick all three if you want.
Select the game environment, teen/college or adult. This option splits the questions into TOPICS, not ratings, suitable for either teens or adults. Teen questions revolve around school life, parents, and the like. Adult questions revolve around work, marriage, and kids. Likewise, dares take into account the resources of both groups. You can pick one, or both.
Select the game rating: G, PG-13, R, X. This option specifies the amount of embarrassment, contact, pain, or exposure in the questions and the dares. You can pick as many as you like. R and X are restricted to 18 and up only, or whatever the legal age for adult contant is in your region. Please respect this.
Click Save Preferences.
You are now ready to play!

Starting The Game

When you are ready to start, simply click on the appropriate button: Truth or Dare. TORDOL will then find a random question or dare using a special formula, and display in on your screen.

Once your player has answered the question, or performed the dare, use the text box provided to share your story with the world! Each time a team completes a truth or dare, you can share your result and then read the responses from the last 5 groups that received the same question or dare. Make sure to provide all the details, but please keep things appropriate for the rating.

We also ask that you help us rate the questions and dares. After you have entered your optional description, please specify whether the question or dare was "good" or "bad." We use these ratings to cycle out dares that are not popular. This helps us keep the quality level of the site high!

Also, if you feel that the question or dare that you received is inappropriate for the rating, or breaks one of the terms of service below, please select the "Inappropriate" option. This flags the entry for review by our staff.


"Mixers"™ are random rules that appear while playing the game. These pop-ups can change the way any truth question or dare is handled. New mixers are added frequently, so keep a sharp eye out for new additions!

Mixers come in three varieties: Positive mixers, negative mixers, and neutral mixers. Positive mixers are good for the person answering or performing the dare, whereas negative mixers can make things a bit more "interesting" for the recipient.. Neutral mixers can change the dynamics of the entire game.

Mixers mean that no one is completely safe from dares or questions!

Rule Sets

The following rule sets outline some basic ways in which you can use this site. Feel free to improvise!


Players assign turns and randomly pick who goes first. The first player clicks on truth and must answer the question. If he or she decides not to answer the question, they must then click dare. When they have answered the question or performed the dare, play progresses to the next person in line.

If the player does not perform the dare, or if the group agrees that the player did not do the dare properly, or if the person is suspected of not being truthful, the player is penalized. See the special penalty section below for good penalty ideas!

Classic Choice

Play progresses as in classic, but each player is given the option of choosing a truth or a dare.

Forbidden Word

This fun variation works well at large parties. The group establishes a "forbidden" word that cannot be said for the duration of the game. Choose a word that will come up in conversation, but don't make it too common or you will have a very busy game!

Anytime a player is overheard speaking the forbidden word, they must perform a truth or a dare. You can select truths or dares exclusively if you like, or choose different words for each.

Drinking Game (21+ Please)

Play as you desire, but allow players to forego a question or dare by taking a shot. This can be interesting with the R and X rated sections, as these may already contain alcohol stunts!

Strip Truth Or Dare

Play as you like, but if a person refuses a dare or question they must give up an article of clothing. Go as far as your group wants.

Team Truth Or Dare

People pair off and select a truth and dare. The pair then must let one person respond to the truth and the other, perform the dare. Dares are always done with your partner when another person is involved. This one works great with couples!

Spin The Bottle

In this variation, no turns are assigned. Instead, the group sits in a circle and spins a bottle on its side. When the bottle stops spinning, the person it is pointing to must take a turn. For added fun, if their stunt involves multiple people, spin the bottle to determine the others as well! You can substitute dice, or any other method for selecting players if you wish.

IM / Webcam Truth Or Dare

Play online using MSN Messenger® or any popular chat client. With MSN you can share your Internet browser window with others and play a virtual game online, or link parties for real-time play.

Party Foul

Anytime someone spills a drink, they must take a dare.

Ice Breaker

Use G rated truth questions when people arrive at the party and ask them to write their anonymous response on a piece of paper. Later, read the questions and the responses to see if everyone can figure out who said what.

Trivial Truth Or Dare

Use your favorite set of quiz or trivia questions to test your friends. If they answer one wrong, they get a truth question. If they answer two wrong, they get a dare.


This fun variation is played like poker. Each turn requires an ante from players, which can be anything from candy to money. Each person puts in the same amount, then play progresses. The first round, each player chooses truth. If any player refuses to answer, they are "out." The next round, players choose all dares. If any player refuses the dare, they are "out." Play continues until only one person is left AND they perform the dare or answer the question. This person then receives all of the prize in the pot!

Don't forget to ante each round.

Mixer Roulette

Players take turns clicking truth or dare in any order, but they do not answer the questions or perform the dares UNLESS a mixer pops up. If a mixer pops up, the mixer is disregarded and the person who clicked must answer the question or perform the dare.

If a person calls a truth or dare for another player BEFORE they click the button, AND a mixer comes up, then the player who is called must perform the truth or dare.


Penalties are an important part of any truth or dare game. Because the excitement of the game is often light-hearted fun at others expense, much of the games magic is lost when you have dishonest players, or those who COMMIT to the game and then refuse to follow the rules. To help keep your games on the level, we recommend player commitments and a strong penalty.

Player commitment simply means that you ensure every player of the game understands the rules, understands the ratings, and is willing to play the game. ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMMITMENTS IS TO AGREE THAT ANY TRUTHS OR DARES REMAIN SECRET. Remember, part of the fun of this game is having an excuse to do or say things out of character. If players feel that their actions will remain private, and not discussed after the game or around the water cooler tomorrow, you will definitely have a more entertaining session. No cameras please.

Penalties are the thing that encourage players to do dares, even when they really don't want to. Choosing a good penalty is hard. Your penalty should be worse than most dares, but should not cause serious harm. The penalty should also be pre-assessed, or in other words, everyone should have a penalty "hanging over them" before the game starts. This way, people who leave cannot try and back out. People who stay in are immune.

Some good ideas for penalties are provided below. Note, however, that removing someone from the game is NOT a good penalty. In most cases, people who refuse a dare are perfectly happy to leave the game, especially after they have had the enjoyment of watching everyone else play.



Not always a good choice, but requiring a person to leave the party immediately can sometimes be effective.


Everyone has a photo taken of themselves in a "compromising" position. These photos are verified by someone, then they are all put in a safe place. At the end of the game, anyone who stayed in can destroy their picture. Everyone else must leave their picture for duplication, sharing with friends, posting on the wall, etc.

High Stakes

All players must ante up an amount of money that is significant for their age or income. The amount is held until the game is over. If the player bails out, their money is used to buy pizza or beer- and they can't have any.


Use with caution. This doesn't work very well in most cases, since by the time someone has bailed out of the game, they are usually not willing to submit to anything else.


Same as pain above. Not really a good choice.

Slumber Party Hi jinks

For the younger crowd, bailing on a game is a first class invite to any number of late night mishaps such as toilet papering, bed wetting, and shaving cream. If someone bails, make them leave the room, but let them know their TRUE punishment comes later.


Suitable for the more liberated crowd. Provide all players with minimal clothing, such as underwear, bathing suit, robes or long shirts. Players forfeit their clothes at the beginning of the game. Anyone who bails has their good clothes either tossed out, frozen, or shipped to Australia.


While not a true penalty, requiring someone to take a shot (drink) when they bail out can certainly loosen up their inhibitions.

Odd Man Out

In this penalty, any person who bails is left out of a fun event to be held later in the party. This can be very effective in some cases.

Exceptions To The Rules

As diehard truth or dare fans, we don't have much patience for rule breakers. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions to the rules that should be discussed with all players before beginning. These exceptions are to help keep the game fun, and prevent serious physical or emotional injury. You do not have to follow all of them, but they are good discussion points prior to beginning your game.

Couples may perform "intimate" dares in private. This should be established prior to game play, and in such a case, these couples should also be absent for the performance of intimate dares they are not a part of.

No dare or truth that will inure a player, either emotionally, legally, or physically, shall be binding. The group can simply require that the person picks another truth or dare.

Players should not be forced into completing a dare. Use a good penalty as punishment, but don't threaten players. If they want to bail out, let them take the penalty and leave in peace.
If a player is in a relationship, their limitations on questions and dares must be set and agreed upon prior to beginning. If your significant other wouldn't approve of you playing, then don't play. It is not a good idea to let players "pick and choose" their questions and dares- it ruins the game.
Don't use any truth or dare as an excuse to do something wrong. You are playing by your own free will.
Add Questions, Dares, Or Mixers

TORDOL allows you to submit your own questions and dares to our ever growing database. Simply go to the main page and click on the "Add Your T Or D" button. Once the window pops up, fill in the form using the instructions provided. MAKE SURE TO SELECT APPROPRIATE GROUP, ENVIRONMENT, AND RATING. When you are finished, your submission will enter out automated review process. If we feel that you have provided a quality submission, it will be added asap.

If you have an idea for a new Mixer, check out the premium site. One of the ways we cover expenses for operating TORDOL is to let users pay for customizations or special access. Atlhough the site is still free, paid members get special access and additional features. Check it out!

Terms Of Service

TORDOL is a user supported, private service that relies on advertising and donations / members to remain online. Basic access to the system is free of charge so long as a user does not violate any of the terms of service outlined below. Violating any of these guidelines will result in a permanent IP ban from the site, and in some cases, contact of your ISP and local law enforcement.
IF YOU ARE A MINOR, NO PERSONAL OR IDENTIFYING INFORMATION IS TO BE PROVIDED. THIS INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, EMAIL ADDRESSES with the excption of any information needed to contact you regarding a parent or guardian authroized site subscription. Minors are not permitted to access any content that is age inappropriate based on the laws of your area.
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R and X ratings may be contain sexual content but are subject to review and editing to ensure langauge and descriptions convey the question or dare without being excessively graphic or needlessly crude.

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