Frequently Asked Questions
(Revised 11/15/2012)

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Party Planning

Submitting Truth Or Dare Content


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The Site

What does TORDOL mean?

Tordol is an acronym for Truth OR Dare OnLine.

Who runs / owns TORDOL?

Tordol is a wholly owned subsidiary of Web Service Resource Associates, Inc. (

How does TORDOL work?

Tordol runs on a proprietary web application framework developed by WSRA, Inc. The system is developed in pure java and runs on a wide range of hardware and software applications including Unix, Mac, Linux and Windows.

Can I buy a copy of the system?

We offer licensing which allows you to have a virtually hosted version of the site. This gives you most of the functionality of having a system copy, but without any of the hardware or software expense. Copies of the executable system code needed to install and run the package are quoted on an individual basis. We do offer custom modifications for integration into existing sites.

Will you develop a site like this for my organization?

WSRA, Inc. offers a wide range of development and hosting services for individuals and organizations. If you are interested in custom development, advertising, partnering with, or in promotional arrangements, please contact WSRA, Inc. or visit or advertiser information page.

Can I Have A Copy Of Your Questions And Dares?

We put a lot of work into our site content. For this reason, we do not provide copies of any content and we also regularly scan for plagiarism using a copyright protection service. Although many classic truth or dare questions are similar, there is no excuse for blatant theft.

You are welcome to look at the content and get a feel for it, but the game is designed to degrade when someone quickly requests questions and dares.

Where are the forums or message boards ?

There aren't any. You are encouraged to set up your own sites, but we make no endorsement of any linked forum or message board-- although we might pop in and say hi, or provide you with a top page link if you do a good job.

I've been IP banned. What does that mean?

It means that for some abuse of the system, you have been blocked from many pages in the site. For certain behaviors, this can be automatic.

How Can I Add A Link To Tordol From My Site, Forum, Blog, etc?

Simply copy and paste the code below into any HTML form.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Click For The Web's Most Fun Truth Or Dare Online:" width="241" height="62" border="0"></a>

Click For The Web's Most Fun Truth Or Dare Online:

Party Planning

We are planning on playing this at an upcoming party. Is there anything we should do to prepare?

In general, many dares involve stuff that is found around a typical home or apartment. We also try to limit the dares to items or locations that most people will have access to. Nonetheless, if you are going shopping for a truth or dare party, you might want to pick up a few things that are commonly used:

  • Marshmallows
  • Hot Sauce
  • Balloons
  • Eggs
  • String
  • Clothespins
  • Pins
  • Alcohol
  • Shot glasses
  • Markers
  • Blindfold
  • Towels
  • Camera

Also, if you play in the adult rating sections, you will probably want to pick up some items available from adult retailers.

Question lists include a list of supplies in many cases. You may want to check these out before hosting a party.

Submitting Truth Or Dare Content

I submitted lots of good stuff. Why isn't it showing up?

We receive lots of similar submissions. If you submission is close to something we already have, we will typically leave it out of the rotation. Also, newer submissions appear less frequently due to the rating system.

We are also very picky about the content and rating of submissions. If you submitted something that we feel is better suited to another category, we will move it.

Tordol staff also reserve the right to edit or remove any content we feel goes against the nature of the site.

What kind of stuff will not be accepted?

Low quality, plagiarized, reworded or absurd submissions will not be accepted. We make every attempt to edit submissions into a format consistent with the game.

In general, if you can not envision someone actually performing the dare or answering the question, then it probably won't be included. We provide a great deal of room in the "X" rated category for deviant behavior, but we will not include anything that seems to cater to a very small fetish group or someone's personal agenda.

Can I submit something for a special interest or fetish group, like piercing, swingers, etc?

Just because your question is not added to the public list does not mean that it is lost! We are in the process of compiling question and dare lists for "special interest" groups. These lists will provide more focused content for groups that want more painful, erotic, or alternative content.

If you have a set of questions and dares you would like to donate for your special interest group, and we establish a new question group with your submission, you will receive free platinum membership.

You can also submit private questions or dares which are only available when your account is logged in. (Subscription required)


I chose my preferences but there aren't many questions or dares. What's wrong?

There are 24 different categories into which Questions and Dares are sorted. Some of these categories have more content than others. As the site grows we continue to add quality submissions, but in the early days, gender specific categories such as FF and MM will tend to be light on content. Try choosing more broad preferences.

What is the purpose of the MM and FF groups? Are they for "alternative lifestyles?"

The point of the all male and all female groups was to provide game content for groups that don't have, or don't want to have, members of the opposite sex present. The content in these areas is simply gender specific in G and PG-13 ratings. Due to the nature of R and X ratings, some content may be unsuitable for your group in these areas.

We are planning on categorizing MM FF content into special question lists for R and X ratings, once the need arises.

What is the difference between Teen/College and Adult environments?

These options limit the interests and resources of the questions and dares, but have no bearing on the embarrassment, sexuality, or pain level. This differentiation is important, since adults generally have different interests and experiences than teens, and they also have access to more resources for their dares.

In a sense, this setting allows us to tune the content to things that will be enjoyable for your group.

If you are in a younger crowd, the Teen/College group will probably work best with your game. If your group is mixed with teens and some "drinking age" adults, select both categories and see how it goes. If you are dealing with all adults, we recommend using only adult environment.

Teen/College content tends to be zany, funny, wild, or downright uninhibited. Adult content tends to be introspective, challenging to morals or ethics, and riskier.

In both cases, the goal of the content is to let people get to know each other and have fun at everyone's expense.

How do "Private" truth questions and dares work?

To create private content (questions or dares), you must be a subscriber and you must sign in. You can learn how to subscribe by checking this page.

If you are a subscriber, click on the VIP Menu button to sign in. After you enter your user name and password, you may now use the private content feature.

To create private content, simply click the "Add T or D" button on the main page, or use the link on the VIP Menu. At the bottom of the "Add Your Truth Or Dare Page" is a radio button that lets you select between public or private content. Select private content.

To play a game with private content, login and then set up your preferences. When you reach the question list page, you will have the option to include your private content by checking a box.

You may mix your private content with public content, use only public content, or only private content. You may not mix private content with question lists.

Game Play

I don't like this question or dare. It's silly, boring, immature, gross, or stupid. Why is it here?

You may have selected preferences or a question list that is not appropriate for your group. Try removing lower level ratings, such as turning off "G", or switch to Adult content.

If you are a subscriber, you may choose a question list which contains questions and dares targeted to a certain theme or party type.

We are also continually refining the grouping and content of the site. If you feel that a particular entry is poor, simply vote that it was bad. When entries get a certain number of "bad" votes, they are flagged for administrative review.

It is also possible that this "silly" dare is part of a multi-part dare. In some cases, a silly dare like "hold a cup of water over your head for 3 rounds" may be setting you up for another player to get a dare like "If any other player has a cup of water, you may dump it on them."

Arrgh! The site keeps knocking me back to the main page or says I'm being throttled.

You may be requesting truth or dare questions too quickly. The site will begin delaying your requests if you try to request content too quickly. Take your time and answer the questions, or do the dares, as intended. Better yet, add your comments too!

Throttling serves a few important purposes, and should not interfere with any groups who are actually playing the game.

My group chose someone of the same sex for my dare. Can I pick someone of the opposite sex instead?

This is really up to the group. Generally speaking, dares should be something unpleasant or embarrassing, but not something that will cause serious issues or go against the ethics of the person performing the dare.

In most cases it is acceptable to limit your dare participants to members of the opposite sex, or edit questions to say male or female as needed.

I received a dare that I can't do! Am I out?

If you don't have the resources or items required for the dare, first try and improvise. Some of the best dares come from group improvisation! If the entire group agrees that the dare cannot be done, you may skip your turn. Getting out of a dare occasionally is part of the fun in the game.

Not wanting to do a dare is not the same thing as being unable to do it.

What does "randomize" mean?

Many dares rely on a bit of randomness to make them more fun! To help you pick random numbers more easily, each dare screen includes a random number picker- the randomizer. To use it, simply enter a maximum value and press the Random button. The minimum value will always be 1.

How do I pick a random person?

Quickly give each player in the selection group a number, starting with one and counting up until everyone has a value. Use the randomizer to pick a number between one and your top value.

How do I time a dare?

Each dare page has a Dare Timer button. You may enter a value in SECONDS next to the dare timer button and the timer will pop-up. When the timer appears, you may pause, reset, or change the number of seconds at any time.

When the timer expires, you will receive a pop-up alert.

I've seen the same dare or question a few times! Why?

Your question or dare is random, but also weighted by popularity. We also have some hidden content, games and tricks that only appear when groups provide certain responses, play for a certain amount of time, or have a certain ratio of truth to dare.

What are the rules for playing?

The rules for truth or dare vary by the group you play with. We have a sizable list of common rule sets available here.

What does the "Random" button on the main page do?

It randomly picks either a truth or a dare fro the current player. It is an even 50% chance whether you will receive a Truth Question or a Dare.

What is a "two part" or "multi-part" dare?

Multi-part dares are dares which must be received multiple times, or in conjunction with other dares, to fully work. The first person to receive the dare normally must wait for another person to receive the same dare, or a related dare, and then a special task is performed.

For example, you may get a dare where the first person who receives it must kiss the next person to receive the same dare.

Some dares are conditional, and only work when people have received related dares. For example, a series of dares require people to stick their finger in the ear, or mouth, etc. for one round. Atlhough these aren't bad by themselves, there are other dares that state "If another player has a finger in their ear, then you must move it to your ear." You get the idea.

What exactly does "make out" mean, anyway?

Any level of passionate contact with another person that your group is comfortable with. It can range from holding hands and kissing to something as wild as your group wants. The key requirement to successfully complete a make out dare is to have some sort of physical contact that is typically thought of as "boyfriend / girlfriend" stuff. Beyond this, it is really up to you.

Errors Or Site Problems

I keep getting sent back to the Preferences screen, even after I already set them. Why?

Tordol uses cookies to store your preferences on your computer. If you have cookies blocked, we cannot save your settings and as a result, the game won't work! So enable your cookies, ok? ;)