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Member Subscriptions

Basic VIP Member Subscription (1 Year) Now Available!

Basic site membership gives you access to fun new features that enhance your experience:

Lowered Throttle Time New!

No more 30 second waits between questions and dares! Basic subscribers wait only 10 seconds.

Question Lists

Choose from a menu of themed question lists to help tailor your experience to any interest or occasion. (This is currently a free for all players, but will not stay this way.)

Tordol Voyeur

View comments to all truth or dare content that you have submitted to the site! See what others think about your ideas, and laugh at the results.

Private Content

Submit questions or dares that will only appear for your party group. These submissions are instantly available and require no administrative review delay.

$25.00 ($15 with BTC)

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Platinum VIP Member Subscription (1 Year) Now Available!

All the features of basic membership plus:

No Repeat Option New!

You asked for it, and here it is! Now you can optionally choose to have questions and dares appear only once per game. When this option is selected, each question and dare will only occur once- whether you are using public lists, private lists, or any other combination.

You can reset your "already seen" question and dare list at any time by simply re-selecting your preferences.

View Unapproved Content

Optionally include content that is not yet administratively approved. This means you can see any question or dare that is added to the system instantly, before any administrative editing or review-- completely uncensored. Your list can even grow while you are playing!

If you want an inside look at what our administrative review team sees, or if your party group is prepared for some crazy content, then this option is for you. (Note that this option may include content that is incorrectly rated. 18+ only, please.)

View "Inappropriate" Content

When a question or dare is deemed inappropriate by a majority of players, it is taken out of play and flagged for administrative review. This usually means that the question or dare is too crazy, incorrectly rated, or "over the line." This option allows you to place that content back into the game.

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