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(Revised 6/18/2004)

Preferences Help

Preferences allow you to configure your session of Truth or Dare. Simply complete the preference page and press the "Save - I Have Read The TOS" button. Your preferences will be saved until you leave the site.

You may also return to this page and change your preference options at any time during your session.

Party Name
Enter the name of your truth or dare "team" here. This system allows you to leave notes and comments for other teams so you can all share in the fun, world-wide! We expect to add many more real-time features in the future.
Group Format

NOTE: This is temporarily disabled due to a low amount of FF MM content. We will reopen the gender specific categories when we feel that enough content is present. Thank you for you understanding.

Indicate whether you want questions and dares for females only, males only, or a combination of males and females (non gender specific). This option limits the type of questions and dares you will receive. When questions and dares are submitted to this system, the submitter is asked what type of group their submission is appropriate for.

In most cases, you will simply use the Male and Female option. If your group is all female or all male, use the respective F or M option only. You can select more than one option, but it may not match each person's turn.

Game Environment

Indicate the game environment you are playing in, either Teen/College or Adult. This setting governs the general topics and settings for questions and dares, but not the "rating" of the questions and dares themselves.

For example, Teen/College questions may deal with school, parents, dating whereas adult questions deal with work, kids, or travel. Likewise, Teen/College dares are targeted at a house party setting whereas Adult dares may involve going out somewhere.

You may choose both if you like.


Indicate the rating of the questions for your game. This option limits the content of the questions and dares that you receive, and you may choose as many options as you like. The table below provides a general guideline of the type of content and material you will find in each category:


General Fun

Truth questions involve silly or funny topics that are appropriate for all ages. Dares are non-damaging and usually range from funny to lightly embarrassing. Nothing damaging or painful is included in this set.


Flirtatious Fun

PG-13 questions involve light romantic issues and moderately embarrassing topics suitable for teens. Dares include embarrassing acts, non-dangerous stunts, and light romantic contact such as kissing, hugging, holding hands, or showing underwear. No overt sexual content or nudity.


Uninhibited Excitement

R questions include highly personal and often embarrassing topics suitable for 18+ college students or adults. Dares include lightly painful stunts, minor humiliation, nudity, and contact with other players. Does not include high risk behavior. Open-ended dares allow for adjustable intensity by group.


Full Contact Adventure

X questions are extremely intimate, humiliating, or private issues suitable only for well trusted friends. Dares in this rating are virtually unlimited and include potentially high-risk behavior.

Most content is limited to mainstream activity. More exotic and specialized content is reserved for themed question lists (subscribers only).

Please remember that this site uses questions and dares submitted by you, the users. If you see an inappropriate question or dare in a certain section, please use the "Report" button so that our administrators may correct the entry.

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